Tribal Tattoos for Women

One of the most popular tattoos of the modern era, for both men and women, is the tribal tattoo. These are ubiquitous, many different people have these, including famous athletes and celebrities.

Although tribal tattoos are generally associated with macho guys, women like to show off designs that have their basis in tribal tattoo art. This should not be surprising, since these tattoos are in fact ancient, and represent all of humanity. Women are as tribal as men, and have as much pride. So it makes perfect sense that women would be drawn to this style of ink, along with their male counterparts.

History and Meaning

Tribal tattoos can be traced back 5,000 years ago, when tattoos were given by dipping a sharp stick in the ashes of a fire and etching it into the skin of a human. They were originally used for camouflage, these early tribes needed to hunt, gather and protect themselves from their enemies, so they sought to blend in as best they could with their surroundings.

Eventually, tribal tattoos morphed into symbols of loyalty that members took up to associate themselves with their specific tribes. As tattoos became more intricate, the art became representative of famous battles and tribal history.

Many different cultures were known for sporting tribal tattoos, including Native Americans, Africans, New Zealanders and Aboriginals of Australia; even some Europeans. This can account for their lasting popularity and significance across the entire world. Every human is a member, originally or currently, of some tribe, and individuals like to associate with this shared collective history in order to feel that they belong to something larger than themselves.

Popular Symbols

For women especially, these tattoos represent certain exotic, even sexual allure. Specific examples of these tattoos, although they are similar in style, represent different things. Popular symbols are representative of such concepts as joy, dreams, love, nature and heaven. There are many that represent strength and a warrior spirit as well. Some also form the shapes of animals, this style being largely representative of Native American culture and mythology.

Body Placement

Tribal Tattoos for Women

The beauty of tribal designs is that they can be placed on any part of the body and still retain their appeal. Some of the most popular placements for these tattoos for women include the lower back, the back of the neck, around the arms and wrists, and even on or around the ankles. These tattoos can be wraparounds or single small pieces, or they can be long, intricate designs.

Some women like be adorned all over with these tattoos, going for a much more exotic look. Wherever you choose to place a tribal tattoo however, and using whatever design, you can be secure knowing that it will achieve the effect you are going for. That’s the beauty of these designs.

Like any tattoo, tribal ones should be chosen carefully. Although there are tattoo removal methods, these are costly and delicate. Proper care should be given to any tattoo that one gets, and only get them at certified, trustworthy businesses.

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