Celtic Tattoos

A popular saying says that history repeats itself. Back in the ancient days, one of the most familiar body markings or tattoos were the Celtic tattoos that were commonly found on the body of Celtic warriors. Now, these tattoos are once again appearing in the bodies of different people who love tattoos. The reason why people wear these tattoos may be different, some may want it because of its symbolism or because they think the design is cool. Right now, the tattoos that once adorned the bodies of Celtic warriors can be found in many modern people who appreciate the Celtic arts.

History of the Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos

In the ancient days, the Celtic warriors were a very proud tribe. They would go to the battles with the Romans or among each other in an almost naked fashion to intimidate their opponent that they were not afraid to get hurt. Most of the Celtic warriors were proud to display their bodies, and if they had battle scars, they would show those scars with pride, especially the most brutal looking ones. The Celtics were known also for their love in artwork, which can be seen in the designs of their weapons and shields. Over the years, some Celtics chose to put these symbols on their skin. This is when the Celtic tattoos originated.

In later years, these tattoos became a symbol that says that someone has a Celtic bloodline or are of Celtic descent. Because of the tattooing, the Celtic tradition was kept alive and is still practiced by people today.

Most popular Celtic Tattoos

There are many Celtic designs that were made and became tattoos in the ancient days. Today, one of the most popular Celtic tattoos is the one that features loops or knots which never end. This symbolizes the belief of the Celtics that there is a cycle of death and rebirth, which never ends. The knots and loops also symbolizes the crossing of both the physical and spiritual elements in life. Most Celtic tattoos, no matter what the design, usually feature a knot or loop which symbolizes this concept.

The Celtic cross is one of the most seen tattoo designs from the Celtics today. It may have different variations depending on the artist, but there is a certain base that most artists follow. The Celtic cross means transition, balance, honor, faith, unity, temperance, ascension, hope, life, navigation, and others.

Celtic symbols are another popular Celtic tattoo design. It is believed that these designs contain hidden powers which are dependent on the design. Come Celtic symbols may just look like a series of knots and loops, but they have their own meanings. For example, a Celtic Symbol with a triskelion design means competition and progress, while the single spiral means radiating energy. Some Celtic tattoos uses more than one symbol and usually a combination of different symbols.

For whatever reason why one wants to wear a Celtic tattoo, whether they want to show their heritage or they just want them for their looks, the fact is, people now adorn these tattoos even if they do not have a Celtic heritage.

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