Types of Nail Art

Beautiful and well-groomed nails with a nail art design enhance your beauty and gives your nails an attractive look. Nail art is nothing but a creative drawing of designs and pictures painted on your nails. There are special nail bars for doing the artistic designs. You can draw the designs on the nails on your own or you can fix an artificial nail with an art design already drawn on it.

Methods of Creating a Nail Design

Three methods are used for designing the art: freehand drawing with nail polish, air brushing using a stencil and an air brush, and nail stickers. While some want to have their nails decorated with a small jewel sticker, some others prefer to have art designs such as seasonal images and floral patterns.

You can decorate your nails with designs according to the occasion and all you need are nail polishes of different colors. If you want to have wonderful design, your nails should be clean and well shaped. To start with, nails are painted with a base coat – a neutral color, then the design is drawn. Freehand drawing designs are created by using nail polish; and if you want shiny designs, you can add glitter to the nail polish. After completion of the design, a clear nail polish protective coat is important for its durability. Tiny design stickers for the nails are also available and you can use the stick-on jewels as well.

Types of Nail Art Designs

Types of Nail Art

Nail Stripes: Nail stripes are the basic art stickers. After polishing, the stripe stickers are glued to the nails. Since the demand for these stickers are on the increase, they are available in various shapes and designs.

Nail Stickers: Nail stickers are available either as a nail polish or as a sticker. Glitter mixed in the polish enhances the beauty of the nails and offers a pleasing look. These stickers have a wide range of designs and colors, and the nails can be designed in any part and in any shape, giving the nail an attractive look.

Water Marble: The new nail art technique called water marble is a simple one in which some household items are used. In a cup of water, nail polish of the desired color is mixed and designs are created using a toothpick or pin. Then the nail is immersed for some time in the cup of water in which the designs were created. After taking them out, you can observe that the designs are stuck on the nail.

Nail Jewels: Decorative nail jewels are available in the market and these are the trendiest in nail art.

Blending Colors in Nail Polish: Nail polishes of different color combinations are blended together for creating unique designs of one’s own choice on the nails, which give a bright and wonderful look.

Other Types of Nail Designs

Types of Nail Art

Other designs include piercing a hole on the nail (just like piercing your nose or ears) and fixing a ring that matches the dress; adorning the nails with stick-on gems and tattoos; and designing the nails with trendy and showy shades of nail polish. Nail Art gives you a chic and sophisticated look and increases your self-esteem.

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